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Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2009

Nia Ramadhani Ready Married With Ardhie Bakrie

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Surprising news came from the artist Nia Ramadhani. Nia plans proposed by the child will Bakrie, Ardhie Bakrie. Right?

Hearing the news, detikhot visited residence in the area of complex Nia Bona Vista, Lebak Bulus Friday (16/10/2009) night. However, Nia's house appears deserted, no one would knock out the gate.

A security officer guarding the house complex Nia does not know if there is an application program or other events. So also when detikhot Nia contact the manager that night. Didi has not been told that Nia will be proposed ardhie.

"I have not heard the news. Nia was also not say anything. Later when there, I let you know. I want to ask the same old Nia," he said.

Not for some time, was contacted Didi detikhot back, but the phone died. And Nia will reportedly proposed this morning (17/10/2009).

We visited the residence detikhot Nia back, looked deserted. There was no activity of any application or other crowds. If true Nia Ramadhani proposed, in which a party ardhie proposal?

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