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Kamis, 25 Juni 2009

Video Pasha Ungu with Alyssa Soebandono

Pasha ' Ungu ' bandied smoochs with ABG, which no other is young artist of Alyssa Soebandono. When asked its(the opinion, Okie former wife Pasha confess apathy.

" That was not my business again. All of you wrong address if ask the problem," that way says Okie at journalist visiting its(the house in area Bukit Cimanggu, Bogor, Rabu ( 24/6/2009) night.

According To Okie he and men so called Sigit Purnomo original do not had relationship again. He also nonchalant again with whom Pasha correlated.

He also asks at the journalists to desist asks problem Pasha to [him]. Now he do not wish to give any comment about former the husband. Because Okie confess also do not wish Pasha to comment the life is later.

" I am not comment will because later when I am same road(street of whoever later comment her. In when later I have girlfriend later same comment him(her of I. That is business he was not business I again

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