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Selasa, 25 Agustus 2009

Foto Hot Shanty - Shanty hot pictures

shanty bugilshanty telanjang

foto bugil shantyfoto hot shanty
foto hot shanty

Shanty is indonesian artist as singer. She has a picture taking for magazine model. Shanty has name of length Annissa Nurul Shanty Kusuma Wardhani Heryadie, borns in Jakarta, 30 Decembers 1978. He is former video jockey MTV, which then experiences profession as singer as well as have ever become film star.

Shanty before all also have ever become Master of Ceremony TV, between of Musik Mingguan An-Teve ( 1998) and presenter Pall Mall Café to Café in SCTV.

Woman who merilis album having coronet Shanty, Seperti Langit and Persembahan Dari Hati have also stared film BERBAGI SUAMI and THE PHOTOGRAPH.

Related of life of its(the person, Shanty is former singer girlfriend Dimas Djayadiningrat. Even its(the keduan have ever been diisyukan does nuptials siri, even then is argued it.

As free from embrace of Dimas, Shanty seen near by cengan a bule of Dutch. but the relationship is aground. Non stripper is having tubing, Shanty returns together with an american man of Latin, President Direktur Bank Danamon, Sebastian Paredes.

Stripper do not release new album, Shanty returns to is its(the fans in the year 2009 with meyuguhkan something new. This of s(he merilis album will be mini, which in it there is single To whom warbled in duet with Donne, new comer singer.

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