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Rabu, 23 September 2009

Foto Bugil Joko Anwar

foto bugil joko anwar, joko anwar telanjang

This is not film scene when Joko Anwar Bugil di Circle K. Of the this naked stage manager for the agenda of keeping a promise it in account its(the twitter.

Neglectless in saying promise or you will end like Joko Anwar. The name stage manager perforced to be strip to the skin in minimarket because promise in twitter and this non film scene!

Tuesday ( 23/9/2009) around at 1400 WIB JOKO ANWAR memposting tweet in account its(the twitter. “ If I got my 3000th follower today, I'll go into a Circle K naked,” said promise Joko which film stage manager ‘ Promise Joni '.

non Old then consumer account Twitter direct propagates the message. One hours after the promise is made, follower Joko in twitter has pierced number 3 thousand. Until tonight s(he does its(the action, birth man follower of 3 January 1976 the is approximant reachs 13 thousand.

Will Joko do not willing to must do ' oath’ the. his(its popular Saking ' oath twitter ' even word ‘ Circle K ' have time to become trending topics first one in Twitter.

Joko also surenders ‘ attacked ' thousands of people. In its(the Twitter account s(he says will keep a promise it nocturnal.

Wednesday early morning, Joko and some its(the friends which also dabbles in world perfilman of towards location ‘ Circle K ' which they select;choose. After the several location move, finally they find ‘ Circle K ' in area Bintaro to implement its(the action.

After approximant two hour(clocks stands by in location of choice finally writer ‘ Quickie Express's implements its(the action. He steps into minimarket the 24 hours without a lef of yarn also.

“ PICS WILL BE UP SOON!! We just baik2 acre of haha!! Thank u for all ur supports tweeps! HAIL TO @ jokoanwar! FULLY NAKED @ CircleK !! HE did it!,” that way writes Nitta Noer friend Joko becoming eyewitness in its(the Twitter account around at 0010.

Around at 0030 WIB to prove its(the promise, Joko also memposting its(the action photograph in twitter “ A promise is a promise, Mr. Politicians!,” writes Joko by accompanied [by] his(its naked photograph

Well, precautions makes promise, doesn't promise you will become like ‘ Promise Joko '

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