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Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009

Davina Veronica Beauty Meaned

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About beauty, everyone must have their own meaning of this one. Various quote about the meaning of beauty expressed by many celebrities. Like Davina Veronica, who had his own words about beauty.

In his personal blog at, model / actress is called beauty is more a self-acceptance, sense of security, feeling blessed that we are given life. According to Davina this beauty comes from the positive feelings that come from within.

After quoting the passage about the beauty, in a post titled My Fav quotes about Beauty, Davina defines beauty for himself. In English, Davina wrote: "Beauty is about Accepting yourself for who you are. It's about feeling secure about yourself. It's about feeling so blessed everyday that we are given the chance to live. All those beautiful feeling and positive energy inside you, now that is what makes you beautiful. "

So it seems like the true meaning of beauty for Davina, something that shone from within.

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