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Senin, 02 November 2009

Foto Hot Dewi Persik Lesbi

dewi persik lesbi foto hot

Dewi Persik was always warm so the media conversation. Lately a new rumor appeared that dangdut singer has a sexual disorder associated hotnya photo with a girl and then spread in cyberspace. Dewi considered lesbian and in one side of the man he was hooked. The term bisexual appeared and addressed to the Goddess. However, these rumors denied by her ex-husband, Saiful Jamil.

"The artist's name, I believe it's because he's lovingly appreciated, because the goddess was the one to respect the fans, because the goddess was the type of person who realized that he was great because of the fans. So he's respect, "said the owner of Shake Ipul Saw defend it.

Found in Studio Penta, Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta, Thursday (29/10) yesterday, although not yet seen the photos that circulated but Ipul sure if the image is only a mere prank. "I have him he was perfectly normal, just like that he's disgusted. So I think that fad wrote, "he said.

"He's mah drawing lots. Anyway, consider it a test she'll be more careful. I think there are like natural goddess or not. Just do not have life-threatening he wrote, "continued Ipul with a firmer tone.

Mentioned about the failure of the household goddess second time with Aldi Taher, Ipul chose to answer carefully. To him she believed what the Goddess is correct. Problem Aldi is rumored to only make a profit from the goddess was also considered unlikely.

"Ah no ah. He (Goddess) know where the man who honestly loves him, what fortune love. He could tell the difference. Anyway he was the man had a nature pengen know, he's not easy to believe, "added Ipul.

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