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Minggu, 19 Juli 2009

Do Not Fear Bomb, Angelina Sondakh 7 Monthly in ' Place Of Public '

Angelina Sondakh

Post bomb explosion tragedy in bom JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton, public refuse to pay a visit to place of public but not with Angelina Sondakh. He also cuek performs ceremony Tujuh Bulanan in one of luxuriant place in Jakarta.

Sunday ( 19/7/2009) noon, couple Angelina Sondakh and Adjie Massaid performs [a] ceremony Tujuh Bulanan in Ballroom Belleza, Green Jewel, Jakarta Selatan. In the ceremony, Angie acts all kinds of activities, starts from changing clothes seven of times so selling rujak and cendol.

Differs from most man is fearing to bomb terror, Adjie and Angie still dare to perform event in place of public. According to him, condition of safe Indonesia.

" This plan udah diplanning from stripper. My create, Indonesia is most safe state in world," says former Reza singer husband.

So also with Angie, s(he lays open all something his(its has been arranged by Almighty. He is as its(the believer only can surrender

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