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Minggu, 19 Juli 2009

Nicholas Saputra Parallel Pride With Pierce Brosnan

Nicholas Saputra

Name Of Nicholas Saputra in entertainment amusement world of course enough big. But now its(the career is increasingly shines. He is parallel with board actor to world Pierce Brosnan.

Not in film world name of parallel Nico with James Bond star. But both pari pasu becomes Spoke Person, L'oreal Men Expert.

" Surely of pride once, more than anything else is parallel with Pierce Brosnan," he said when met in Djakarta Theater, Thursday ( 16/7/2009).

That moment the side of L'oreal Men Expert announces spoke new person and first time his(its is selebritis Indonesia. Name of actor ' 3 Prayer 3 Love ' that is parallel with spoke other person like Pierce Brosnan, Matthew Fox and Daniel Wu.

Then what making Nico assumed proper represent L'oreal Men Expert?

" We are unlikely promiscuously chooses spoke person. We must choose someone who is having good quality and has imej either in international arena. And according to us. proper Nico," says Andreas Gabriel, Group Product Manager L'oreal Men Expert.

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