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Minggu, 12 Juli 2009

Mbah Surip Get ROyaltyRp4,5 from 'Tak Gendong's song

mbah surip

Song Tak Gendong bounced by Mbah Surip can accompany it towards success spandrel. NSP ( continued tone of person) the song meraup Rp9 billion. Dressy man of Bob Marley also gets royalty Rp4,5 billion.

Mbah Surip interviewed by RCTI, Jumat ( 10/7/2009), confess will render some of the moneys.

" Some of the moneys kept and partly for orphan. Alms to many places," said owner of name of this Urip Ariyanto laughing.

In a flash there's nothing special from song Tak Gendong. Its(the lyric is also simple, Do not carry on the back to many places, do not carry on the back to many places. Delicious anyway. Then earns idea where from Mbah Surip in creating the song?

" Idea initially when Mbah worked in drilling of oil in America. If my vacation love to play below(under bridge California. I see oppositely same job(activity of people here and approximately equal Indonesia. Something mutual assistance," singer story who is strarting career as this road actor

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