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Minggu, 15 November 2009

Julia Perez: Female Condom Over 'taste'

julia perez toket bugil

If women are embarrassed to talk bluntly about sex, but it is different with Julia Perez. Halve chanter admitted DUREN not hesitate to share knowledge of sex. According to him, it's also keep in mind as one way of assessing partner.

"My knowledge of sex yes of course very high, the dropout Europe. Diceraiin so my height because I am better at it than him," he joked at the event preskon National Condom Week FX Plaza in South Jakarta, Thursday (12/11).

"Prior to the schools, now would be Jupe sex teacher first. If the women are usually shy and we sometimes like to enggak know if our men a little lopsided way. Well, we also have the right to protect themselves with female condoms," he continued.

Speaking of female condoms, contraception was this one was still not popular in the community. So far, condoms known as the 'protector' for the men. But for Jupe, female condom more 'taste'.

"It's more comfortable, more taste. Because what I want enggak pregnant, so I wear this. But I must get married first," he said.

So, how's his favorite type of condoms? "Condoms are the smell of my favorite durian and thinner and stronger as yayang, uh .. Same as yayang Mr. X meant. Keceplosan deh," he joked.

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