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Kamis, 19 November 2009

Cinta Laura Prepare New Album

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Although the new album is still running but it continued preparations for the aged Cinta Laura. One of them with dance training. Dance deliberately trained for the new album is planned early 2010 release of rhythmic dance. For that Love was chosen exercises outside the school day, as seen on Sunday (15/11) on floor 4 FX Plaza, South Jakarta.

With a coach named Joel, Love was seriously follow the movements taught although occasionally make mistakes.

"Now here I want to practice singing and dancing for a duet as Rossa.'s Why I practice my newest album because there'll be dancing her dance so. I also choose this day because it did not want to interfere with school time. Also I'll be there and show duet with the singer wrote out is why all of his training, "he explained.

Saying that the genre of music in the new album will differ from previous albums. Nine songs planted there.

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