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Jumat, 11 Desember 2009

Rizna Nycta Gina Alias Jeng Kelin

Rizna Nycta Gina Alias Jeng Kelin

Jeng Kelin portray something that does not appear to interfere with the Rizna Nycta Gina. For Gina with this unique role he hoped would still be remembered. Also present Gina still wants to focus on one thing.

Asked what he wanted to remove the image, Jeng Kelin, Gina claimed to have wanted it. Instead, he hopes this makes the character memorable. "I think still not kepikiran, because I still enjoy to this day. Anyway I'm not sound much different from ama Jeng Kelin. In fact I've pengen later when older can be remembered, so like Charlie Chaplin. Now young aja ya live. I want to focus to the first point let the results get more leverage. Perbagus aja characters. Gak want odd entar not even good anymore, "the light of these stars when found at the Trans Corp. Preskon Birthday and Launching New Program Trans TV and Trans 7, the Office of Trans Corp., Jl Tendean, Jaksel, Wednesday (9 / 12).

For business career, Gina confessed did not feel afraid just because the jump in the stage comedy. "Why I'm still not where the provision, so a role like this I do not know, suddenly plunged into the time wrote a comedy like this happen. If I still had so often antagonistic roles, loads of soap, one INTEREST on the sidewalk. I still wrote ngejalaninya relaxed, "he explained.

Gina itself now have to balance between career and education. But so far still able to balance time. "If you say yes yes bother. But now it's not too much really, because I still can for the time. So if you do not accept it maruk work, I do not want each of which I lived was a mess, a good education or employment. I wish I fit aja , "added student in the Forensic Department of the University of Indonesia.

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