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Minggu, 29 November 2009

Tamara Bleszynski With Bikini

Tamara Bleszynski bikini's

Tamara Bleszynski began striking the entertainment world with its action in the latest movie Bride Falls. No half-hearted Tamara appeared wearing such a sexy bikini.

Before accepting this offer, Tamara had to wonder about clothes to wear bikinis. But eventually he decided to accept in its sole discretion.

"That's when the offer came with a bikini fashion I had to wonder. But after knowing that there are criteria which do not describe pornography and vulgarity I finally received. Clearly this is not pornographic or obscene films, "explained the mother of this child when contacted via phone by, Tuesday (24/11).

For Tamara role in this new film to be challenges. "Yes, this is the role that I had never played and I was challenged to this beradegan, especially in this movie I had lots of practice because laganya too many scenes, so I had to practice swimming, boxing and running for this exercise lasted for 4 months , "he explained.

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