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Jumat, 20 November 2009

Five Vi on Newest Film

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The film played in movie untamed HANTU BINAL JEMBATAN SEMANGGI, Five Vi plays the character of a sexy and seductive woman named Sherise. In a love scene, the Five had sensed a controversy in itself.

"I'm quite the controversy, other than in others, there are love scenes that make a scene and I think for months because of this scene is very brave. But enggak freely as before, had little weight because there is controversy about yourself. I have a single tails, "said Five in Plaza Semanggi, Tuesday (17/11).

However, Five still accept the offer to play it. According to him, he had to consider many things before finally deciding to accept the job acting.

"And I wanted to show that I still exist in the world of acting. I really wanted something different, but according to others it is a gift and should be used, I want to play all the characters," he asserted

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